5thSun's Commissions

Hello there! I now have a website to help navigate my prices!
You can now find my TOS, prices and some of my work  all in one place!

This website is outdated! I have moved and will be deleting this one in a few months.
Click here to access the new one>>

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My Process

You found my art and decided to commission me, sweet!
After you and I brainstormed and agreed on what you would like and the style, I will be ready for the next step...

You can contact me through e-mail, Furaffinity, Discord or Twitter!

The first step of the work will be to make 1 or more sketches for your commission.

Once you picked the sketch you want to go with, I will send you the full invoice for the payment through Paypal.
(see my TOS for payment terms)

Next step for me will be to make a clean sketch, featuring all the details you asked for.
This is when I expect you to let me know if I forgot something !
Make sure to inspect all details as it will become harder for me to make changes beyond that and I will charge extra for significant changes.

I have a habit of sending updates fairly regularly, if not daily in some cases.
When I add colors, you may correct me before I start rendering.

For Painterly and Fully Rendered pieces, I often come to a point near the end where I will send fewer updates as the changes may not be worth showing! (little details and nitpicking)


This is it!  I finished your piece and I send you one last update to check in with you that you are happy with the final piece!
If all goes well, I send the full sized .png, using Wetransfer (links will be valid for 7 days).
For emotes, this is the moment to test them out so I can make small changes!
And I of course Thank You for commissioning me !


You can check out more of my art on my Furaffinity ! 

If you are interested in more random art from me, WIP images and updates, you can also check out my Twitter!